Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing - Could be the end of your vibration problems

The wheel must be centered and torqued on the balancer to ensure a smooth, vibration-free drive. Only with the Haweka flange plate adaptor is this feasible. The stud plate is built in such a way that when the wing nut is tightened, each stud on the stud plate receives the same torque. This ensures that the wheel is perfectly vertical on the balancer, with equal pressure on each lug hole, just like it is on your car. As a result, the dynamic balance is ideal. This enables the balancer to calculate the precise location of the wheel weight. The stud plate only makes contact with the wheel through the lug holes. There is little risk of scratching the alloy wheels.

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The mechanic using computerize wheel balancer to balance the wheel. Seletive focused