New Tyres

Tyres, of course, are usually spherical and made of rubber, although they range greatly from model to model. In other words, if quality and price are considered, there is no single best tyre. Your choice is ultimately determined by the vehicle you drive, the manner in which you drive, the roads you frequently travel, and where you live. Their functionality is critical for safe driving. (A LOT IS DRIVING ON YOUR TYRES) The appeal of a well-known brand frequently induces drivers to spend more money on brands. According to reviews, drivers and experts give good ratings to lesser-known but equally trustworthy, and certainly less expensive manufacturers. MAXTREK, WANLI, GOODYEAR, TOYO, NANKANG, ROADX, OVATION, DELMAX, TRIANGLE, DURATURN, DYNAMO, NEXEN and many other brands are examples.

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Use our guide to understand where your tyre width, tyre profile, radial, load index, wheel diameter and speed rating is located on the tyre sidewall.