Our Policy

At Roll Right Tyres, we have policies to guarentee that you are satisfied as our customer, and ensure our staff and business are kept safe and protected. Below are a list of our policies that we follow to ensure our best service.


  • All brand new tyres that are ordered must have a deposit. A 50% or full deposit must be paid on the day of your order. Payments can be taken over the phone, provided you have your card details available. The remaining payment must be made on the day of service, in store. Our store also provides AFTERPAY.
  • We do not provide a refund for second-hand tyres that are not fitted inside the store, as we are not liable for any damages or faults that may come with the tyre. This is because, when your tyres are fitted, our staff are trained to inspect the tyre in water for any leaks and damages, so it is our responsibility to be able to provide another second-hand tyre if available, or issue a puncture repair (plug) for $35. We disclose this information beforehand to our customers who wish to purchase a tyre from our store without fitting, and must sign the conditions of sale indicating your acceptance of the terms of your purcahse.
  • All second-hand tyres have a 1 year  warranty, under the condition that the tyre ruptures, has a buldge, or if it gives out on the driver. Our warranty does not cover any external factors that are caused to the tyres, such as leaks, cuts, or punctures. Punctures and leaks can be brought back to our store to be repaired for $35. New Tyres have a manufacturers warranty, as any defects or issues are the manufacturer's responsibility; we can assist in the process of getting your tyre replaced.
  • We will not do your service if you ask our staff to fit a tyre that does not fit the specifications of your vehicle. In Western Australia, it is illegal to fit a tyre that is against the manufacturer's correct specifications. This is also ensured for the driver's safety.


We hope you can understand our policies. 

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries at [email protected].